Despite the Second Amendment right to keep and bear firearms, America’s history includes several occurrences of firearm confiscations. For example, in 1861 President Lincoln signed the Confiscation Act which authorized Federal troops to take firearms away from civilians, although few confiscations actually happened. But in 1890, a large scale confiscation took place when U.S. troops grabbed guns from the Lakota Indians as part of the Indian relocation program. This resulted in the majority of the tribe being massacred. Then, in 1941, President Roosevelt confiscated guns from over 110,000 Japanese Americans, using the excuse of the attack at Pearl Harbor as justification. These disarmed citizens were then rounded up and placed in concentration camps.

More recently, in 2005, a firearm confiscation operation was carried out in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Mayor Ray Nagin declared a state of Martial Law and unleashed his goons on the unsuspecting public, for their safety of course. Police and national guard units went door-to-door and stole more than 1,000 firearms – at gunpoint – all without due process, without giving any receipts, and most were never returned.

If there is a major national emergency, it is reasonable to believe that there will be yet another gun grab, much worse than has been inflicted on We The People in the past. One of the main goals of the globalists is the confiscation of all privately owned firearms worldwide, as this is absolutely necessary to attain their one world government. At some point in the history of America, the Second Amendment will either be suspended or repealed.

The complete disarmament of America is already law. The 1961 U.S. State Department Memorandum 7277, called Freedom From War: The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World, explains how the United Nations will oversee “complete disarmament” of the American people under the ruse of preventing war. The document is very clear that only government agencies will be allowed to own weapons of any kind once the program is fully implemented. Memorandum 7277 also declares that in the future, law enforcement will not be allowed to carry or use firearms. Only the military will be armed. Period.

And in 2015, Secretary of State John Kerry, in a stunning act of treason, signed the unconstitutional United Nations Arms Trade Treaty which requires registration of all privately owned guns and will effectively eviscerate our Second Amendment rights by legitimizing future Presidential Executive Orders banning military style firearms. To those who think the treaty won’t become law without being ratified, recall that Bill Clinton successfully implemented the United Nation’s Agenda 21 Kyoto Treaty via executive order despite it not being ratified. If Clinton implemented a UN treaty without Senate ratification, what makes you think President Obama or his successor won’t be able to do the same with the small arms treaty?

In consideration of the extensive Martial Law preparations that the U.S. government has implemented over the past two decades, it certainly appears that the Feds are preparing to declare war on the American citizens, which begs the question “Why?”

The answer is two-fold. The financial collapse of America will cause mass chaos and violence. And the gun-grabbing globalists are far too committed and powerful to back off and abandon their disarmament agenda, and liberty loving patriotic American citizens and those in military and law enforcement who take their oaths to defend the Constitution seriously will likewise never surrender. The inevitable result of this standoff will be a major armed conflict – the Second American Revolution.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to be in a major city when the lead starts flying.

A revolution won’t end well for the American people.

In order to prevent a Second American Revolution, the world shadow government has finalized plans for a nationwide gun confiscation operation that will use a combination of tactics perfected in Iraq and Afghanistan (which were test-runs for the U.S.) along with the deployment of highly sophisticated non-lethal weapons. The fact that the U.S. military has trained foreign troops from numerous nations (who will shoot on Americans without compunction) to go door-to-door and confiscate firearms should give every American great cause for concern.

The world shadow government will stage some kind of major disaster that will trigger the financial collapse so they can blame the financial situation on the false flag event. The most likely scenario is that terrorists will stage a massive cyber-attack on the national power grid causing rolling blackouts. Many other types of terrorist attacks will be carried out at the same time. Of course, the terrorists will actually be government agent provocateurs, and not real Islamic terrorists.

Looting, riots, arson, rape and murder will begin in earnest. When the body counts skyrocket, it will be obvious that the American people cannot be trusted with firearms and the Second Amendment will be suspended until the crisis is over. During this time of unprecedented chaos the global elite will hide out in their luxurious underground bunkers while the U.S. politicians will occupy their deep underground military bases.

American’s 270 million “peashooters” will be useless when UN and foreign troops cordon off whole towns and utilize many different types of high-tech non-lethal technologies to carry out the gun confiscations. These non-lethal weapons are based on many technologies, some of which are classified. They can be deployed on planes, drones and robots, and they can work at very long ranges.

Flag waiving patriots will readily succumb when they are incapacitated by incredibly effective paralyzing weapons. The jackboots will waltz right in and put two in the head while the resisters lay helplessly on the ground, unable to even lift their rifles let alone pull the trigger.

One of the non-classified non-lethal weapons is the Electrolaser; an electrically conductive laser-induced plasma channel that sends out a powerful electric current to incapacitate subjects – something like a long-distance wireless version of the Taser.

And a new microwave ray gun, called the MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) is a device that uses microwave pulses to effect a wide range of capabilities from beaming sounds directly into someone's head causing them to believe they are hearing from God, to causing incapacitating shockwaves inside the skull.

Another is the Active Denial System that employs what is often referred to as a “heat ray” because it heats up people downrange of its ray to unbearable temperatures.

Active Denial System

Yet another is the Pulsed Energy Projectile Weapon which emits an invisible laser pulse that heats the air surrounding the target so fast that, basically, the air explodes. The resulting shock wave will knock a man to the floor causing incapacitating pain and/or unconsciousness. This is an enhanced, more directed version of the Active Denial System. If you get thumped with a Pulsed Energy Weapon you will have no chance whatsoever of fighting back no matter how well armed and trained you are.

Directed Energy Weapon


According to, in 2011 these weapon systems were re-designed so that they can be used on moving aircraft. AC-130 gunships are now equipped with the devices.

UN and foreign aircraft will fly over an area that has been cordoned off by ground troops, and using Airborne Pulsed Energy Projectile weapons they will immobilize every human within its range. The ground troops will then mop of the resulting mess.

One can only imagine what other non-lethal weapons have been developed, but are still classified.

The famous American journalist Ted Koppel has even written a book about such a cyber-attack scenario called, “Lights Out: A Cyberattack, A Nation Unprepared, Surviving the Aftermath.”

This is frightening because the global elite are known to reveal their plans in advance by using subliminal messages. For them it serves as a secret means of communication between the ruling bloodlines that the uninitiated can’t understand. It gives the elite a perverse thrill knowing that despite their plans being openly broadcast to the public (hidden in plain sight) the masses still remain ignorant to what the message being telegraphed is, and what is about to take place.

Their sacred occult subliminal symbolism can be found in all facets of society including entertainment, media, advertising, architecture, and religion. A good example of this kind of advance symbolism can be found on a June 2001 album cover for the rap group The Coup that looks eerily like the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11. And there are many dozens of other examples of the 9/11 attacks being telegraphed ahead of time.

Could Koppel’s book be a preemptive subliminal announcement of their plans to take down the national power grid?

But before all this happens, most active military will be shipped overseas to fight in the on-going conflict in Syria, or a new war in Iran, where they will be unable to defend the nation from the hostile UN and foreign troops in America. They won’t even know what is happening stateside.

All law enforcement, national guardsmen and military personal (including those stationed overseas with stateside families) will be required to send all members of their household to “safe facilities” for their “protection.” In actuality, these will be hostage centers used to enforce compliance of unconstitutional orders. If you think the wives and children will be allowed to wait it out at home while their husbands either follows their orders or refuses to do so, you need to read Executive Order 13603.

Most of the women and children will be exterminated and some will have their organs harvested. The best-looking women and children will be auctioned off as sex slaves, while a few will be kept as “breeders.” This part of their plan is as evil as it gets. 

Eventually they will permanently pull the plug on the grid, thrusting America back into what will resemble the mid-1800s. The main difference between then and now being the presence of 270 million modern firearms in the hands of Americans.

They will start with rolling blackouts instead of a total blackout in order to gain control over the good guys in law enforcement and the remaining military personal who will happily help enforce the curfews, food rationing, checkpoints, roundups, military tribunals and other national emergency edicts that will be put in place when the terrorist attacks start. More importantly, rolling blackouts will provide the excuse to round up the families and hold them hostage.

The world shadow government has deliberately scared the American public witless into stockpiling millions of firearms and accompanying ammo by passing legislation like the Brady Bill, the Assault Weapons Ban, the New York Safe Act, and others, along with all the threats of sweeping “common sense” gun control laws.

Yes, you read that right. The elite eugenicists actually want Americans to possess as many guns as they can be duped into buying so that they will kill the majority of each other off when the lights go out and the food and medications are no longer being delivered “just on time.”

If our national electrical grid is permanently shut down there will be no heat for our homes, our water faucets and sewer systems won’t flow causing serious sanitation and health problems, gas pumps will be inoperable, grocery stores won’t be able to conduct business because their registers and refrigerators won’t work, hospitals will only be able to function for however long their back-up generators have fuel to power them, refrigerated drugs like insulin will spoil, there will be tens of thousands of suicides when people run out of anti-psychotics, and all airplanes will be grounded without working air traffic control systems.

Hundreds of millions will die from crime, injury, disease, dehydration and starvation. If it happens during the wintertime many people, especially the elderly and young children, will freeze to death without heat in as little as a week.

We would witness the complete and total collapse of society.

During this time of self-purging (the total blackout) all communications including the internet, cell phones, landlines and HAM radio repeaters won’t function, so warning calls and sharing of intelligence will be impossible. A few pirate shortwave broadcasters will be all that is left.

After the lights go out permanently, the foreign armies will be used to guard the nation’s borders to prevent Americans from fleeing, and also to prevent any foreign aid from getting into the country.

In a year or two when less than 10% of the population is still alive, a million UN and foreign troops will sweep across America. Using a combination of high-tech non-lethal weaponry and lethal weapons they will easily pick off the few remaining survivors, thus accomplishing the globalist’s agenda of both gun confiscation and population reduction. The foreign soldiers will claim the guns and other spoils of war for themselves while the global elite will own every last building and acre of land.

It will be a very bloody mess for just side.

The U.S. military stationed overseas, without material resupply, will also be eliminated. Even though most will go AWOL when their paychecks stop coming, almost all of our troops abroad will eventually be killed by foreign soldiers or terrorists. Very few will be able to evade their fate.

The Chinese military has hacked into the personnel records of all government employees, veterans and the entire U.S. military. Rogue DHS agents provided the Chinese spies with the “keys” to unlock the record’s encryption. This breach of national security data will be used to identify the military personnel stationed abroad after America is taken down.

Granted some fortunate people will escape America by boat, plane or on foot, and some survivalists will successfully hide out in the wilderness areas and in underground bunkers, and but the overwhelming majority of Americans will be dead at their own hands. This, of course, includes almost every law enforcement officer, even the oath-breakers who will follow the gestapo’s orders believing they will be rewarded for their dirty deeds.

It is such an evil plan that it had to originate with Satan himself.