Another world war is coming, and it will be the biggest war ever. The U.S. and Russia are currently in an undeclared state of war. As both sides test each other resolve, the tensions of war increase. The situation is far more precarious than it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Realistically, it seems impossible to avoid World War III.

At least Russian President Putin seems to think another world war is unavoidable, as evidenced by the stern words he delivered at a conference in Sochi, Russia. “Today Russia sees the outbreak of global war as almost inevitable, is prepared for it, and is continuing to prepare for it.”

Both sides are planning a massive nuclear first strike, as that is the only way they have any chance of prevailing in a World War III scenario. Unfortunately, even if the U.S. strikes first, Russia and China are capable of retaliating using their extensive fleets of nuclear submarines. America would still lose the majority of its population.


Perhaps most notable of these fly-overs happened in April 2014 when a Russian Su-24 fighter jet made 12 fly-bys of the American destroyer the USS Donald Cook, just two days after the vessel illegally entered the Black Sea near Crimea to intimidate Russia for their military activities in Ukraine and Crimea. The appearance of an American warship in these waters was a violation of the Montreux Convention.

The USS Donald Cook was fully armed with 152 Tomahawk cruise missiles, which have a range of up to 1,500 miles. Moreover, it was equipped with the most recent Aegis weapons command and control system. This highly sophisticated system uses powerful computers and radars to track up to 100 targets simultaneously and guide missiles to destroy enemy targets.

The Russian jet that buzzed the USS Donald Cook carried not a single bomb or missile, only a small pod mounted under the fuselage which contained an electronic jamming device called Khibiny. This plane remotely disabled the all-powerful Aegis system, completely shutting it down as if it had been turned off by a switch.

The Su-24 then simulated a missile attack against the “Donald Duck” while it sat there literally deaf and blind, and the jet repeated the same maneuver 12 times before flying away unscathed.

The USS Donald Cook Being Buzzed by a Russian Su-24 Fighter Jet

Russia demonstrated to the world that they possess a system of signal jamming that is capable of rendering an aircraft carrier helplessly floating at sea. Anyone doubting that the Russian’s capabilities are real should read Tom Bearden’s books on the Russian’s scalar electromagnetic technology.

All U.S. Navy vessels are recognized as sovereign U.S. territory, the same as actual U.S. soil, so an attack on the USS Donald Cook - even a simulated one - is considered the same as an attack on the U.S. itself. Russia’s fly-over of the destroyer was just as serious as if they practiced bombing the Pentagon or White House. It was an act of war. Why didn’t the destroyer shoot down the Russian jet? Did the Aegis system control every last one of the vessel’s weapons? Apparently so.

Claims surfaced on the internet that the event was nothing more than a hoax - Russian propaganda - but the scary truth is that Russia changed the future of modern warfare by rendering the most sophisticated high-tech weapons system in the history of the world completely inoperable. Aircraft carriers and other navy vessels are the cornerstone of U.S. defense strategy. The seriousness of Russia’s capabilities cannot be overstated.

Since the USS Donald Cook incident the show of forces have become considerably more brazen. In November 2015, the U.S. Navy launched a 31 million dollar thermonuclear-capable Trident II missile from the USS Kentucky submarine just off the coast of California. This launch was done at nighttime when the missile’s bright blue flames would easily be seen by tens of thousands of witnesses so that headlines of the event would spread around the world. The navy fired a second Trident II a couple of days later. The message was clear. Russia better back off or else. After all, the Trident II missile has a range of 7,458 miles, well within reach of Moscow.

Trident II Missile Launch Over San Francisco

Just hours before the military display, Defense Secretary Ash Carter held a press conference during which he accused Russia of “nuclear saber-rattling” and “violating sovereignty.”

Meanwhile the U.S. has continued to deploy air missile defense systems, as well as almost 200 tactical nukes in the NATO countries surrounding Russia’s borders, which Russia considers a threat to their national security. In other words, the U.S. is guilty of much worse than they are accusing Russia of. Then, within hours of Carter’s hypocrisy, they launch a Trident II missile for the whole world to see.

And not satisfied with their show of force in San Francisco, the U.S. government launched two ICBMs in late February 2016 from Vandenberg Air Force Base as a demonstration of their nuclear arms capacity. The unarmed Minuteman III missiles hit their targets near the Kwajalein Atoll in the South Pacific Ocean 4,200 miles away. A video of the launch was released for all the world to see.

While the U.S. military performs annual test launches, this particular event and the release of the video was intended to send a clear message. The U.S. military has a very effective nuclear arsenal and is prepared to use it. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said about the launch, “We and the Russians and the Chinese routinely do test shots to prove that the operational missiles that we have are reliable. And that is a signal that we are prepared to use nuclear weapons in defense of our country if necessary.” Never before has the U.S. explicitly stated why they are doing a test launch. It was always just implied.

February 2016 ICBM Launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California

In response to the Vandenberg launches, Russia announced that they are planning to launch two Bulava ICBMs from their Borei-class nuclear-powered submarines.

A month before the USS Kentucky submarine missile launch, a Russian civilian plane with 224 aboard was shot down by a surface-to-air missile shortly after taking off from Egypt. ISIS claimed responsibility for the terror attack. A month later a Russian Su-24 fighter jet that had supposedly intruded into Turkish airspace was shot down by the Turkish Air Force. That same day a Russian rescue helicopter was shot down by Syrian rebels using a TOW missile, which was supplied to them by the U.S. Putin warned that there will be "significant consequences."

In response to the attacks, Russia deployed their S-400 surface-to-air defense missiles in Syria. By deploying these weapons, Russia is sending a very clear message to both Turkey and the U.S. that the next time a warplane engages a Russian jet, Russia will immediately retaliate using sophisticated state-of-the-art ground weaponry. The S-400’s can track up to 300 targets simultaneously ranging from anywhere between just a few feet off the ground up to 40 miles high, and can also acquire targets up to 372 miles away. That’s over eight times more capable than the reach of the U.S. Patriot missiles, which have a range of only 43 miles.

Russian S-400 air defense missiles can take out a fighter jet over 200 miles away in just a matter of seconds.

The proliferation of Russian air-defense systems like the S-400 presents a serious challenge to the air forces of the U.S. and its allies, as the weapons systems are highly mobile, networked and can protect vast areas. They make an entire region inaccessible to conventional combat aircraft like the F-15, F-16 and F/A-18. Only the F-22 Raptor, F-35 and B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers can evade the systems. These new superweapons represent a complete game changer. The Pentagon is rightfully very worried.

And in late February 2016, the Chinese media reported that they have developed capabilities which allow the People’s Liberation Army to detect and track the U.S. Air Force’s most sophisticated aircraft, including the fifth-generation F-22 Raptors, which some have called virtually undetectable. An upgraded version of the Chinese Phased Array Radar, as well as the KJ-2000 and KJ-500 airborne early warning and control systems can detect the stealthy aircraft. The report surfaced after the Chinese military detected F-22s over the East China Sea on February 10th, 2016, and sent helicopters and planes to the area. So if China has this kind of technology it is likely that Russia also possesses similar radar capabilities. 

And while Russia has been aggressively preparing for nuclear war for quite some time by developing new bombers, missiles and submarines with which they can use to deliver a devastating first strike, America is downsizing its nuclear strike capabilities.

In the late 60s, the U.S. military possessed over 31,000 nuclear warheads. Since then that number has been reduced to only 1,642. This huge reduction isn’t enough for President Obama, who now wants the nuclear arsenal to be scaled down to just 300 warheads.

And while the U.S. has decommissioned a huge number of ballistic missile submarines, the Russians have developed extremely “quiet” submarines that are so stealthy even the U.S. Navy can’t detect them. The navy has openly acknowledged they cannot track the Novorossiysk-451 sub when it’s submerged. This means Russia has the capability to sneak the world’s most deadly and feared nuclear missiles into America’s territorial waters anytime they choose, completely undetected.

Back in 2012, U.S. officials admitted that a Russian sub fully armed with nuclear SLBMs, traveled throughout the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks without being detected. The navy uses undersea sensors and satellites to locate and track Russian subs. The fact that the sub was not detected in the Gulf caused great concern because the U.S. Navy operates a strategic nuclear submarine base at Kings Bay, Georgia, just a few seconds flight away from the Gulf for a Russian SLBM.

In January 2016, the Russian tug Nikolay Chiker positioned itself just off the coast of Florida for two days. The Nikolay Chiker is one of the world’s most powerful ocean tugs, but more importantly it often escorts high value assets of the Russian navy when it deploys. The ship was likely observing the launch of the Falcon 9 SpaceX CRS3 missile from Cape Canaveral to deliver cargo resupply to the International Space Station. But it is also thought that the tug was escorting one or more Russian submarines that were patrolling our coast at the time, and likely still are. The presence of Russian subs patrolling off the east coast of America, where they can monitor U.S. navy activity out of Kings Bay, Mayport, and Norfolk, is making the U.S. military more than a little bit nervous.

The Russian Tug Nikolay Chiker Positioned Off the Florida Coast

So Russia can launch an overwhelmingly massive nuclear attack from within U.S. territorial waters using SLBMs that would take out a large portion of our nuclear subs in port (as well as most other military bases), before we even knew what hit us. And Russia has recently been practicing for such a preemptive first strike. For example, in November 2014 they test fired one of their RSM-54 Sineva SLBMs from a submerged sub.

In June of 2012, Russian strategic nuclear bombers and support aircraft conducted a large-scale nuclear bomber exercise in the arctic. The exercise included simulated strikes on enemy strategic sites that defense officials say included U.S. missile defense sites in Alaska. Under the terms of the 2010 New START Treaty, such exercises require 14-day advanced notice, yet no such notification was given.

During the exercise, six Russian aircraft, including two Bear H nuclear bombers, two MiG-31 fighter jets and two IL-78 refueling tankers, approached the coast of Alaska in an apparent test of NATO defenses. The Russian jets didn’t enter U.S. airspace, but flew within 63 miles of the Alaskan coast where they were intercepted by U.S. F-22 fighter jets. This encroachment happened when the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was visiting the U.S. This was just one of 16 Russian bomber flights into the U.S. air defense zone that U.S. jets tracked and intercepted during a 10-day period that month.

The Chinese have also been closing in on Alaska. During President Obama’s visit to the state in September 2015, during which he added insult to injury by changing the name of Mt. McKinley to Denali (the name Mt. McKinley was enshrined in a law passed by Congress in 1917), five Chinese warships lurked off the Alaskan coast. These were the same five ships that took part in a Russian-Chinese naval exercise in the Sea of Japan.

In response to the Chinese territorial encroachment, the U.S. Navy sent the USS Lassen destroyer to within 12 miles of China's newly-constructed military bases in the Spratly Islands. The Chinese government condemned the act as a provocation of war. China warned that they will "never allow any country to violate China's territorial waters and airspace in the Spratly Islands, in the name of protecting freedom of navigation and overflight."

The Chinese warship presence near Alaska happened on the on the very same day as a massive military parade was taking place in Beijing. It was also shortly after the August 12th, 2015 explosion in China Port of Tianjin, and the August 22nd explosion at a chemical warehouse in the Shandong Province (which some believe were caused by a classified U.S. space-based weapon).

Oh, and the explosions in Tianjin took place just 24 hours after China devalued their Yuan and sent financial markets around the world in a tailspin. But the timing of these events are just coincidence. Right? Sorry folks, the Chinese navy just happening to show up off the Alaskan coast on the exact same day as Obama’s visit was not a coincidence. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

If the U.S. was responsible for the explosions in China, anyone with even an ounce of common sense knows that they will retaliate for these acts of war. And while China did already retaliate by destroying a U.S. weapon depot in Tokyo, they will undoubtedly deliver a much greater blow when least expected as they will follow the twenty-five century old philosophy outlined in Sun Tzu’s, Art of War to “attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

An unbelievable act of dismantling the U.S. military’s ability to defend the nation happened in March of 2013 when the government completely shut down the Tethered Aerostat Radar System. Without these defense radars, all low flying aircraft infiltrating our borders will go undetected, and it will be much easier for the Russians to fly in low altitude nuclear missiles.

Air Force TARS Surveillance Blimp

Not stopping there, they shut down the U.S. Air Force’s “Space Fence” surveillance system. The surveillance system got the nickname “Space Fence” because it transmits a “fence” of radar energy vertically into space that can detect any object that crosses it, such as a space based weapon.

Commander of the Air Force Space Command, General William Shelton, said the system - which has been in operation since 1961 - was outmoded and that newer technology will work better. He said that a new Space Fence is being planned, and when implemented it will become the most accurate radar in the Air Force’s surveillance network. In other words, they shut down one of nation’s most important defense systems before they have another in place to replace it. Why not shut down one of the many hundreds of military bases around the world instead of the Space Fence? It makes no intelligent sense, other than a deliberate weakening of America’s military.

Add just to add more fuel to the fire, back in 2012 the U.S. government gave the Russians seven strategic, oil-rich islands in Alaska, include one the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. The significance of this act of treason is that the islands can now be used as military staging areas from which to invade both Alaska and the U.S. mainland.

Russia has tremendous weaponry that they can unleash on America. For example, their SS-18 missiles carry 10 warheads each, each of which has a yield ranging from 750 to 1,000 kilotons. A few of these missiles have a 20,000 kiloton warhead. And that’s 1,333 times Hiroshima.

Russian SS-18 Nuclear Missile

Russia is investing $540 billion dollars into a huge weapons modernization program. By 2016, 60% of all Russian nuclear missiles will have radar-evading capability.

The TOPOL M – the world’s fastest missile - can travel at Mach 21 (16,000 miles an hour) and America has absolutely no defense against them. And Russia is about ready to roll out their latest anti-missile system, the S-500.

Russia’s S-500 anti-missile missiles and anti-aircraft missiles will be able to intercept any existing ICBM, cruise missile or aircraft, including America’s stealth bombers. S-500s travel at 15,480 miles an hour; reach an altitude of 115 miles; have a horizontal range of 2,174 miles; and can intercept up to ten incoming missiles. Once their S-500s are fully deployed, Russia will be able to prevent most of America’s ICBMs and cruise missiles from striking their territory.

And then there are Russia’s Borei-class Alexander Nevsky submarines, which carry 16 Bulava SLBMs, each of which has 6 to 10 nuclear warheads, each yielding 100 to 150 kilotons, for a total of 96 to 160 warheads on the sub. Oh, and by the way, the Bulava missile has a range of 5,157 miles.

Russian Alexander Nevsky Submarine

In December 2015, Russia completed testing of a new flying command center – a new doomsday plane - capable of maintaining full control over the country’s armed forces in the event of a nuclear war. Russia and the U.S. are the only two nations to possess a command center of this kind, but the technical capabilities of Russia’s plane far exceeds that of America’s plane which dates back to the 1980s.

While America has absolutely no civil defense shelter program for civilians whatsoever, Russia has built numerous massive underground shelters in anticipation of nuclear war. One of their underground complexes is approximately 400 square miles in size. Further, over 5,000 civilian bomb shelters are in the city of Moscow alone. The Russians have never stopped making preparations for nuclear war.  Meanwhile, the U.S. government hasn’t done a damn thing to prepare our citizens for an attack. There are virtually no grain stores left in the U.S. The Strategic Petroleum Reserves have been depleted. And Ft. Knox’s gold has been looted. But the government has built many dozens of secret FEMA camps for Americans.

The U.S. military is apparently gravely concerned about Russia’s “nuclear saber-rattling” as evidenced by their April 7th, 2015 announcement that the Pentagon is moving their air defense command and control back into the sidelined bunker deep inside Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain. This highly unusual move was done a decade after the USNORTHCOM headquarters were moved to a new, state-of-the-art underground command complex at Peterson Air Force Base. The reason for the move back into the 1960s-era mountain, according to Admiral William Gortney, was to protect their equipment from an EMP.

Cheyenne Mountain Nuclear Bunker Entrance

In 2010, the Russian company Morinformsystem-Agat JSC started selling stealth missile launchers, called the “Club-K Container Missile System,” that are hidden inside 40’ long shipping containers. By hiding a missile inside one of these containers, Russia or any other nation or terrorist group that purchases a Club-K, could launch a successful missile attack on America using this method.

Club-K Container Missile System

Each year more than 6 million shipping containers are imported into the U.S. Only 2% of those are inspected. The rest remain sealed as they are shipped throughout the country. A doomsday container with a nuclear missile hidden inside would have a 98% chance of getting in without being detected. The containers wouldn’t even have to pass through customs if they were positioned on top of the stack aboard a freight ship. They could be launched as soon as the freighter gets close to U.S. territorial waters.

The truth is that the balance of power has dramatically shifted in the favor of the Russians. A successful first strike against the U.S. is more likely today than ever before.

Russia has no intentions whatsoever to back off, and they fully intend to continue to challenge the U.S. global dominance. The U.S. also isn’t backing off as evidenced by their participation in NATO’s largest military exercise since 2002. Trident Juncture 2015 was held in October and November of 2015. 36,000 international troops along with more than 60 warships and 200 aircraft from 30 nations participated in the huge military drills, which took place in three European countries.

To get ready for World War III, the U.S. is moving massive amounts of ammunition into place. In February 2016, over 5,000 tons of ammo was shipped to a U.S. base in Germany over their concerns about an increasingly aggressive Russia. The goal of the shipments, which required 415 shipping containers to transport, is to enable NATO alliances to fulfill their commitment to help defend the U.S. And the ammo stockpile will also be used during another major upcoming military exercise - called Anakonda 2016 in Poland - which will involve 20,000 troops.

An even more shocking development was announced in late February 2106. Saudi Arabia, who has one of the largest military forces in the world, publicly admitted they possess nuclear bombs, which they stated they intend to use to assist Turkey’s planned ground invasion of Syria. This means the Russians will have no other choice but to use their tactical nukes against Saudi Arabia to defend Syria.

Saudi Arabia Admits to Having Nuclear Weapons In Violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

The megalomaniacal leaders are on a course of global self-destruction, as both the U.S./NATO and Russian/Chinese forces are finalizing their plans for preemptive nuclear first strikes. The madness of challenging Russia is beyond insane. If even a fraction of their nuclear arsenal is detonated, billions of people on earth would cease to exist, while the psychotic world leaders will survive the holocaust by hiding in their luxurious underground bunkers and deep underground military bases.

Some might be thinking that if there is a nuclear attack on America, they would prefer to stay in the big cities and be killed by the blasts. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people would be killed instantaneously. The majority would die slow painful deaths from radiation sickness.  Symptoms of radiation sickness do not develop immediately, rather over a period of days to weeks. Among the many symptoms are bruising, nausea, vomiting blood, bloody diarrhea, hemorrhaging from other orifices, hair loss, and open ulcers. It is a horrific way to die.

It is recommended that you watch the movie “The Day After” on This made-for-TV film aired in November 1983 on ABC. It was viewed by more than 100 million people during its initial broadcast. It fairly accurately depicts the aftermath of a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia. In the movie many people are killed outright, but still more die slowly from radioactive fallout poisoning. This is a very sad and graphic film, but it is a very helpful in understanding just how awful death from radiation poisoning is, and in realizing the importance of preparedness and strategic relocation.

Joel Skousen claims that the Russians won’t strike America until the rest of the world is sufficiently antagonistic so that their collective opinions will support a preemptive nuclear attack. Well, the U.S. is now the most hated nation in the world. No other country even comes close. The U.S. dropped over 23,000 bombs on the Muslim countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia in 2015 alone. America has more than 700 military bases in some 130 countries around the world.

The Islamic nations all call America “The Great Satan.” And Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, repeatedly has said that Israel will cease to exist and Islam will conquer the world. Their people gather in the streets by the thousands, burning American flags, chanting “death to America.” When either the U.S. or Israel attacks Syria or Iran, the world’s hostility against America will reach the boiling point and the mighty Russian Bear will attack America. As will ISIS.

According to the Doomsday Clock (a symbolic clock face maintained by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and last updated on January 26th, 2016) it is “3 minutes until midnight," a metaphor for the end of the world as we know it, with midnight representing catastrophic global nuclear destruction. Time is short.

It’s far better to be prepared a year of more too early than a day too late.

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